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About Hood Cleaning in 95762 El Dorado Hills CA

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About Hood Cleaning Job at 95762 Eldorado Hills CA

We did a hood cleaning El dorado Hills, California and this particular commercial kitchen was not used on a regular basis so it had been years since they had the hood cleaned professionally. Since the kitchen is not used frequently, the job was pretty easy to do and we were on site for about an hour and a half. This kitchen is good example of how often a hood should be cleaned according to the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96.

The National Fire Protection Association has set up guidelines on how often a commercial kitchen should have their hoods professionally cleaned. Here are the guidelines they recommend:

  • Hoods should be cleaned monthly if the commercial kitchen is cooking with solid fuels like wood, wood pellets or charcoal.
  • Hoods should be cleaned quarterly if the commercial kitchen is doing a high-volume of cooking. Examples of this is kitchens operation 24 hours a day, wok cooking or charbroiling.
  • Hoods should be cleaned semiannually for commercial kitchen that do a low-volume of cooking.
  • Hoods that have a real low-volume of cooking should have their hoods professionally cleaned annually. This includes day camps, churches or seasonal businesses.

Eldorado Hills is a small community about 30 miles northeast of Sacramento, California. The population in the 2010 census was a little over forty-two thousand people. Eldorado Hills is about 18.6 miles from the California Gold Rush site in Coloma. Even though gold washed down the river down to El dorado Hills, their main industry was ranching and farming to support the hoard of people coming in for the gold rush.

The vision of the developers of Eldorado Hills was to create a mast plan community which included a group of residential villages. They included a 18-hole golf course, schools, community shopping center, business park and community parks within each village. El dorado Hills began to grow between the 1960's to the 1990's when people started relocating there from Southern California, the Bay Area and Sacramento.

El dorado Hills is consider a wealthier community because the homes start in the $300,000 range and can go up to as much as $4 million. The high end homes are located on golf courses. Because the elevation is only 768 feet above sea level the winters are mild and the summers are hot.