Description of Hood Cleaning Job 95685 Sutter Creek CA

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About Hood Cleaning Job at 95685 Sutter Creek CA

This is a hood cleaning Sutter Creek, California was one of the most difficult jobs we have done. The roof of the restaurant was slanted so we had to get a ladder to get to the turbine. Unfortunately the turbine did not have hinges so we had to tie it to the roof to be able to get inside and clean the grease out of it. Lifting the turbine was tricky as only one person was able to be on the roof to move it and tie it. But we succeeded and the owner of the restaurant was very grateful we were able to get the job done.

The importance of getting a professional hood cleaning cannot be stressed enough. So many owners/managers rely on their employees to do the job but they just are not professionally trained. Just cleaning the filters and wiping down the inside of were they can reach just is not good enough. Grease can build up further in the duct system and in and on the turbine on the roof as well. Grease can be very volatile and ignite with the slightest spark. We are finding more and more that Fire Marshalls are requesting commercial kitchen owners/managers get their hood professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

In 1880 the population was estimated to be around thirteen hundred residents. In 2019, they estimated population is a little over twenty-six hundred people.

Sutter Creek, California is about 45 miles east of Sacramento. It is a gold country community which gold was discovered in January of 1848 triggering the famous California Gold Rush. It earned its name, Sutter Creek, after developer John Sutter settled the community. The discovery brought people from all over the world with the hopes of becoming rich on gold. Later they mined quartz which kept the town prosperous for many years. The post office was built in 1852 and the town incorporated in 1913.

It is home of Knight Foundry which was a machine shop and cast iron foundry. It was the go to place for repairs and supplies for the mines and the timber industry. The founder, Samual N. Knight, invented a caster iron water turbine which went on to be used in hydroelectric plants in Utah, California and Oregon.