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About Hood Cleaning Job at 91307 Williams CA

The hood cleaning Williams, California was a unique job in that it was not done in a restaurant. It was in a facility that does cook daily but the food they cook is not typical as there is no frying or charbroiling. Therefore, the commercial kitchen hood was not that dirty inside and out but the manager realizes the value of having the hood professionally cleaned. The worst part is the turbine is not hinged and it is pretty big so it was difficult to remove to get to the inside. We had to have two of us on the roof to pick up the top and set it aside so we could clean.

The manager was very impressed that we took before and after photos for his records. He indicated it is good evidence that he is doing his due diligence to keep the hood clean. His general liability insurance was happy to see the photos and he loved the idea he could show the Fire Marshall and or the health inspector stop by for an unexpected visit. Our technicians will also place a sticker on the hood indicating the date the hood cleaning was done and when the next recommended date it should be done.

Even though this facility could go six months between cleanings, they prefer to have it done every three months. When our technicians do a hood cleaning, they give a recommendation to the owner/manager on how often the hood should be professionally cleaned. For most commercial kitchens, the hoods should be cleaned every three months. The guidelines for how often a commercial kitchen hood should be cleaned professionally is set by the National Fire Protection Association Code 96.

Williams, California is a sleepy little town about seventy miles northwest of Sacramento. As of the 2010 census the population was a little over fifty-five hundred people. The city was incorporated in 1920 and the post office was established in 1874. They renamed the post office in 1876 to W.H. Williams who founded the city. The weather is mild in the winter and hot and dry in the summer.