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About Hood Cleaning Job at 95648 Lincoln CA

This hood cleaning Lincoln, California job was in a restaurant that fried a lot of chicken. Frying chicken and charbroiling burgers create a lot of grease so these hoods should be cleaned every three months at a minimum. The build-up of grease in the duct can cause a fire hazard. Even the slightest spark could ignite a grease fire which is hard to put out.

It is important the the employees who work in the kitchen understand how to put out a fire. All kitchen should have fire suppression systems in place in the event of a grease fire. A grease fire can occur when the grease or cooking oil get too hot. It is the vapor that catches on fire not the liquid. Getting ahead of the fire is of the utmost importance because it should not spread to the grease in the exhaust system.

Should there be a fire the first thing to do is be calm and turn off the heat source. Panicking can only makes things worse. Do not throw water onto the fire as it will only cause it to spread. Water will only sink to the bottom of the grease keeping the grease on top and giving it the ability to spread out. The water can cause steam which can cause the oil to blow out like a small explosion.

Don't try to move the item or the pot that is on fire. This could cause the oil to splash all around spreading the flames. This could also cause severe burns should the grease or oil that is on fire land on the employee.

When the fire is contained in a skillet or pot, quickly put a cover over the pot to smother the flames. It is not recommended to put baking soda or salt on the flame.

Should the fire spread beyond the pot or skillet, the employee should grab the nearest fire extinguisher. They don't recommend spraying the fire extinguisher right at the base of the flames, rather make sure the chemicals are aimed over and on onto the fire while standing back several feet. Once the flames have been extinguished, there is a chance they could re-ignite if it has not cooled off.

If the fire becomes completely out of control, the kitchen should be evacuated and the fire suppression system should be activated. If it does not activate, there is a switch on the wall that can activate it by manually pulling on it.



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