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About Hood Cleaning Job at 95820 Sacramento CA

This hood cleaning Sacramento, California was done in a school. At Best Hood Cleaning we don't just clean hoods in restaurants, we have cleaned hoods in schools, long care term facilities, hospitals, churches, home owner association complexes and more. So wherever there is a commercial kitchen hood, we can clean it. The National Fire Protection Association Code 96 sets the standards on how often commercial hoods should be cleaned. If the commercial kitchen is used on a daily basis they recommend having the hood cleaned every three months. In contrast, if the commercial kitchen is used infrequently, like a church or day camp, they should have the hood cleaned once a year. When our technicians are on site, they will give a recommendation to the owner on how often the hood should be cleaned and write that on the sticker we leave on the hood. This will help if the Fire Marshall comes in for an inspection as they can see that the hood is being professionally cleaned, the last time it was cleaned and the next recommended date.

We have had restaurants call us in a panic as the Fire Marshall dropped in for an unexpected visit and tells the owner/manager that the hood has to be professionally cleaned by a certain date. If the hood is not professionally cleaned by the the date they stipulated, they will close down the facility until it is cleaned. The importance of having the grease removed by a professional is because they understand grease accumulates in certain areas that may be hard to reach for employees. They will also go to the roof and clean the turbine inside and out and remove any grease that may have flowed over to on the rooftop. This is important because the slightest spark could cause a fire and damage not only the roof but the whole building.

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