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About Hood Cleaning at 95670 Rancho Cordova CA

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About Hood Cleaning Job at 95670 Rancho Cordova CA

We did a hood cleaning Rancho Cordova, California which is a community about 14 miles east of Sacramento. The 2010 census had the population close to 64,800 residents. It is considered one of the largest employment centers in the area. There is the Sacramento Regional Transit bus line and the Gold Line which is a light rail line.

Back in 1855 it was known as Hangtown Crossing and Mayhew's Crossing when the Gold Rush was in full swing. It is only 118 feet above sea level but the gravel companies have mined gravel as deep as 40 feet without finding groundwater. In the 1850's to the 1880's orchards and vineyards were springing up all over. The famous Mills Station was built in 1911 where it had a grocery store, tavern and offered commercial space as well as a Post Office.

Having your commercial kitchen hood cleaned by a professional is not becoming mandatory with insurance companies. They are asking commercial kitchen owners/managers to call a professional hood cleaning company prior to issuing them their insurance. Insurance companies recognize that hood cleaning technicians are trained and bonded in the art of hood cleaning. When a restaurant relies on their employees to clean the hood, they may not be doing a thorough job. It is important to clean the duct work all they way to the turbine which normally is on the roof.

The turbine on the roof should be cleaned inside and out. If the turbine is not cleaned regularly, grease can build up and flow over onto the roof. It can damage the roofing material which could mean costly repairs. The grease is also a fire hazard as well as an environmental hazard. When it rains or snow melts, the grease will run down the side of the building into the sewer drains. The result are harsh fines and costly clean up fees.

Not only are insurance companies having commercial kitchens requiring a hood cleaning be done on a regular basis but Fire Marshals are also requesting hoods be cleaned by a professional. When we do a hood cleaning, we take before and after pictures and send them to you for your records. In addition to that, we place a sticker on the hood with our contact information, the date the hood was cleaned and recommend or schedule your next hood cleaning. Being on a regular schedule will give you the peace of mind that you know your commercial kitchen exhaust system is also going to be in good running condition.


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