95678 Roseville CA Hood Cleaning

About a Hood Cleaning Job at 95678 Roseville CA

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About Hood Cleaning Job at 95678 Roseville CA

This hood cleaning Roseville, California was a challenging job as the hood had not been professionally cleaning in quite some time. The grease build-up was disgusting and was definitely a fire hazard. It is beyond us why a commercial kitchen owner/manager would let this happen but we find that it usually is not on the top of their mind. They are busy managing other issue in the kitchen. It really is their responsibility to inspect the hood on a regular basis to see if grease it building up and they should not rely on their employees to keep it clean. Hiring a professional is the surest way to have a hood cleaning done right.

The kitchen exhaust system is designed to pull smoke, heat and odor from the cooking surface. The air runs through filters that trap not only grease but other air particles that are floating around like dust and dander. If the filters are not properly cleaned, it could damage the engine and even the fans running the system because it is working too hard.

When our technicians arrive on site, they begin to prep the area by making sure the system has been turned off. They will then place plastic sheeting on the hood to prevent getting water and grease on the stove below. The sheets are placed into a large container to catch the water and grease that will flow down when the pressure washer washes the surface. Prior to using the pressure washer, we remove the filters and cover them with environmentally safe degreaser, this degreaser is then applied to the duct and up the hood to the turbine on the roof.

The rooftop will be the first place we start to clean. The turbine is lifted up and the pressure washer does its job of washing the grease down. We also inspect around the turbine to be sure there is not grease that has accumulated onto the roof. If there is, we will clean it up as it can eventually cause damage to the rooftop material.

We then clean the ductwork and the fan. As we clean the housing and fan blades, we inspect them to be sure there is no damage. Then we check the fan belt and tighten it if needed as well as grease the bearings. If there are places where the grease is not coming off, we have a scrapper that will get in and do the job.

Once we are done cleaning the hood, we will collect all of the wastewater and properly dispose of it. We make sure the floors are dry and there is no water on the cooking surface. We take before and after photos that we will send to the owner/manager so they have evidence of a professional cleaning. After we polish the hood, we place a sticker with our contact information and the date the hood was professionally cleaned. We then will give a recommendation on how ofter the hood should be cleaned. We have an email system that will send out a reminder when to hood is due for a cleaning. Some of our clients like to be put on a regular schedule.

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